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SDEC is a premier at providing power equipment as small generators from top brands. Doosan and Mitsubishi's small generators are the optimal solutions for emergency backups, sites with no or minimum power, and small events. These generators have a user-friendly installation process and can run for long hours thanks to the generators' efficient power system.

The structure of either Doosan or Mitsubishi small generators is simple and allows for easy installation and easy maintenance. The cooling system is an effective one using the latest technologies to decrease the generator's temperature and provide optimal powering up. Mitsubishi generators provide three cooling systems, air, hydrogen, and water cooling systems.

Doosan and Mitsubishi are setting new benchmarks for different types of power generation with their state-of-art generators. They provide mobile fuel-efficient with reduced noise level small generators for unmatched performance. The small generators from SDEC are the perfect power equipment rental solutions for power generation in small power needs at the best competitive rates.

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Small Power Generators

Technical Specification

  • Operating Weight: 14 ton

  • Bucket Capacity: 2.5 m3

  • Engine Rated Power: 127 / 2200 Kw(HP)/rpm

  • Engine Max. Toque (Gross): 706 / 1300 N.m / rpm

  • Travel Speed Forward: 7.3 / 12 / 23.6 / 36.5 km / h

  • Tire Size: 20.5-25-16PR (L3)